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Frequently asked questions:

About Events At Sea

1)  Why should I choose a cruise instead of a land based venue?
The benefits are endless! A ship visits multiple destinations, and offers much more to do and see. The all-inclusive nature of a cruise saves you time and money while simplifying your meal and entertainment planning. With today’s competitive cruise prices, you can save up to 40% as compared to land programs. Need more info? Go to Advantages of a Cruise.

2)  How does the price of a cruise compare to a hotel?
Dollar for dollar, when you compare a cruise program’s cost and inclusions to a hotel, you’ll see the price benefit of selecting a ship. Click on Cost Comparison for an overview of a cruise vs. hotel program.

3)  Can we really accomplish our business goals on a ship?
Absolutely! Many of today’s ships come with meeting facilities that mirror those found in hotels including conference and breakout rooms, audio visual equipment, etc. Also, a ship is a self-contained environment which means greater meeting attendance and participation.

4) Won’t my attendees feel confined?
Not at all, especially on some of the larger ships. On board these floating resorts, there are plenty of activities, entire decks of sports and entertainment facilities, and lots of space to explore. And of course, you can be in a different destination every day. Visit our Life Onboard section in the Knowledge Center to check out some cruise lines' daily programs - you'll be amazed at all the activities offered throughout your cruise.

5)  Aren’t all ships pretty similar?

Just like hotels and resorts, cruise line brands and ships differ tremendously in size, service level, amenities, etc. Although Seasite’s numerous tools and resources are designed to make you an educated cruise buyer, our expert cruise advisors are available to help you sort out the differences. For more ship details, check out your partner cruise lines' mini-site pages: Cruise Line Directory

6)  What types of meeting facilities are available on board ships?
Almost anything you can find in a hotel! Cruise ship meeting facilities range in size from executive board rooms for 8 to show lounges with capacities of over 1500. Pop over to our  Meeting Facilities  page to access more details.

7)  Are there ships appropriate for corporate groups sailing for less than 7 nights?
You bet! In fact, there are more options than ever for 3, 4, and 5-night itineraries anywhere in the world. Check out our Cruise Gems section to discover hard-to-find short cruises that are only available once or twice a year -- perfect itineraries for corporate groups.

8)  What if we want to charter a ship of our own?
Great idea! Chartering a ship offers fantastic benefits and is a completely customized experience that can't be duplicated. Before you commit to a ship of your own, it’s important that you select the most appropriate ship for your group and understand the financial requirements. Please visit our Knowledge Center Charter a Ship section for more details about chartering.

9)  Is there Internet service on board?
Almost all of today’s ships have wireless capability in Internet Cafes or WiFi spots throughout the ships. Some even have wireless access in the staterooms for personal laptop use. Each individual cruise line can give you more details about Internet service on specific ships.

10)  Is there phone and fax service on ships? Can I use my cell phone?
All ships have phone and fax service, and many ships also have mobile phone service capabilities. Check with the individual cruise line to find out if your selected ships allow cell phone use.

11)  Do our attendees need passports? What about U.S. Passport Cards?

Passports are still required for international air and sea travel and recommended for all cruise passengers. However, new wallet-size U.S. Passport Cards are less expensive and might be acceptable for U.S. citizens cruising in Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean islands. Read more about State Department requirements and how to apply: Passport Matters

12)  Are cruises tax deductible?
Sometimes - please visit our Knowledge Center Tax Deductibility section for guidelines.

13) How are cruise programs rated by the attendees?

In our years of delivering thousands of cruise programs, we’ve NEVER operated one that wasn’t an enormous success. This isn't surprising, given the high repeat factor for cruises in general.


About Seasite

14)  What makes you experts on cruising?
Our founders are considered trailblazers in corporate cruising. We’ve learned a lot over the years, but as the cruise industry continues to grow, we wanted to keep track of  the 100's of ships and myriad details necessary for planning successful cruise events. We’ve downloaded our knowledge base, combined it with technology, and connected you with the cruise industry through Seasite.

15)  Why can’t I see pricing right away?
Cruise lines closely manage their inventory -- each group quote is still a hands-on process. Through Seasite, you can request space and rates for your choice of up to five itineraries, and you will receive prompt replies -- usually in less than two business days.


16)  What services does Seasite provide?

Our High-Tech Service encompasses an array of services in many different areas, including group cruise sourcing,  e-RPF's, cruise cost comparisons., etc. Go to About Seasite to learn more.

17)  Love the concept- but how much is this going to cost me?
Relax - using Seasite costs you nothing, and your program pricing is the same as buying direct.

18)  How do you get paid?
There are multiple revenue streams associated with Seasite, including advertising and marketing revenue, licensing agreements,  and channel development fees recognizing Seasite’s unique contribution to each cruise line’s productivity.

19)  Why aren’t you charging more for all of these services and resources?
Our business model has projected multiple revenue streams and a volume of business from each which compensates us appropriately.

20)  How can I be sure that the price I get is truly the best rate out there?

The cruise industry is excited by the potential of Seasite – an innovative productivity tool that no single cruise line would have undertaken alone. Cruise lines want Seasite to be successful -- their pricing will reflect that.  

21)  Why do you need the name of our clients? How do I know you are not going to solicit them?
We ask for the name of your “end user” client because cruise lines request this information before providing quotes. This is to avoid holding duplicate space for the same group or having competing groups from one industry on the same sailing.

Let’s get started -- Search, Save, Submit and Sail!

SEARCH -  On, you can search 3 ways:

Quick Search -  Put in your basics and away you go! Narrow your results using the left navigation bar.
Power Search  - Lots more search specifics- service level, largest function room, port of departure, etc.
Charter Search - Pre-programmed business rules help you find the most appropriate charter for your group


22)  I’ve searched for a cruise, but now have to navigate through a huge list of options. How do I narrow down the results?
The left navigation bar will help you to refine your search results by what's most important to you - whether it's cruise line, ship size, largest function room, day of departure, port of departure etc.

23)  What if after searching I’m still confused and need some guidance. Is that available?

Simply fill out the RFP form, check the "Please Assist Me" box and wewill be happy to provide you with further assistance.

24)  I’ve done my initial search but need some guidelines on pricing. Where can I find some approximate rates?
Our Knowledge Center has a great overview of approximate cruise prices by number of nights and destinations: Sample Pricing Chart

25)  We’re not sure exactly where we want to go but it has to be somewhere warm. Can I do a general search?
Yes you can!  Click on “anywhere warm” in the destination drop-down box to search for warm-weather itineraries.

26)  Why is there a separate search for charters?
Because searching for a ship  to charter is dependent on different criteria then searching for a ship to hold your group. Therefore, we’ve added some specific questions to help you find the best options.

27)  We prefer to have everyone drive to our event location. Is this possible?
With Seasite, you can narrow your search by the departure port. The great news is that ships depart from world-wide ports, including cities all over the USA.

28)  It’s important that we all dine together. Where can I find out more about the dining options?
Specific dining information can be found on the ship planner guides.

29)  Is there some way to compare some of the itineraries that met my criteria?
Yes! You can do a side by side comparison of up to 5 itineraries and then print out the page for your records. Be sure to compare before you SAVE your selections!



You’ve found the itineraries that meet your criteria and are most appropriate for your program. Now it’s time to select and save them so you can initiate a RFP and request quotes from the cruise lines.

30)  How many voyages can I request quotes for?
You can attach up to 5 itinerary quote requests for each RFP.

31)  I’ve decided which voyages I'm interested in.  Now what?
Once you’ve selected and saved your voyages, you’ll be prompted to fill in a Request for Proposal (RFP). Choose which of your saved itineraries you want to submit for cruise line quotes.

32)  Where do the itineraries I’ve saved get stored?
All of the voyages you save are stored in "My Account/RFP's" (found on the top of the page) under "Programs/Itineraries".

33)  Will I have access to the itineraries I’ve saved before they're sent to the cruise lines?

Yes. Before submitting your RFP, you can review your itineraries and delete or save for later any that you don’t want to get a quote for now.

34)  What if I want to remove one of my saved itineraries but I don’t want to delete it forever- just for now. Is that possible?
Yes, you can move a saved itinerary to "My Acount" to access at a later time.

35)  Can I save a cruise itinerary with more than one departure date in case I want to compare the price?
You can save the same ship itinerary with up to 3 different departure dates at one time.

36) I've completed my RFP, but I'm not ready to submit it to the cruise lines. Can I save it?

Yes, click on the "Save/Finish Later" button at the bottom of the page, and your itinerary will be stored in "My Account/RFP".

37)  Can I go back and add more voyages to the original RFP before sending it?
Yes because everything is stored in the "My Account/RFP" section.

38)  Once I've sent the RFP, can I add new voyages at a later time?
Yes. Contact your Seasite cruise advisor who will immediately forward your new requests to the cruise lines. You can also edit your original RFP to send up to 5 additional quote requests to the lines.



You’ve chosen your itineraries and completed your RFP. Now it’s time to submit your requests for quotes.

39)  I’ve hit submit. Where does my request for a proposal go?

Your proposal request will be computer-processed to ensure that "required" questions are answered. The majority of RFP's will flow directly to the cruise lines. RFP's unless you have specified the need for further assistance.


40)  Will the cruise lines respond back to me directly?
Yes, the cruise lines will respond directly back to you.

41)  How long will it take to receive my quotes?
Our goal is to have your quotes back to you within 48 hours after you’ve submitted your proposal request.

42)  How will I know when I’ve received a response from a cruise line?
The cruise lines will notify you by email or contact you by phone to discuss your proposal request.

43)  How long do I have after receiving the quotes to select my ship?
Depending on the cruise line and how close your request is to the ship’s sailing date, most quotes are valid for 30 days (subject to availability).

44)  What if I need to adjust the number of cabins or change the program date after I’ve requested my itineraries?
Not a problem. You can contact the cruise lines directly to adjust your room block or change your sailing date. Of course, confirmation is subject to availability.

SAIL! You’re on your way!

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