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About Events At Sea

1)  Why should I choose a cruise instead of a land based venue?
The benefits are endless! A ship visits multiple destinations, and offers much more to do and see. The all-inclusive nature of a cruise saves you time and money while simplifying your meal and entertainment planning. With today’s competitive cruise prices, you can save up to 40% as compared to land programs. Need more info? Go to Advantages of a Cruise.

2)  How does the price of a cruise compare to a hotel?
Dollar for dollar, when you compare a cruise program’s cost and inclusions to a hotel, you’ll see the price benefit of selecting a ship. Click on Cost Comparison for an overview of a cruise vs. hotel program.

3)  Can we really accomplish our business goals on a ship?
Absolutely! Many of today’s ships come with meeting facilities that mirror those found in hotels including conference and breakout rooms, audio visual equipment, etc. Also, a ship is a self-contained environment which means greater meeting attendance and participation.

4) Won’t my attendees feel confined?
Not at all, especially on some of the larger ships. On board these floating resorts, there are plenty of activities, entire decks of sports and entertainment facilities, and lots of space to explore. And of course, you can be in a different destination every day. Visit our Life Onboard section in the Knowledge Center to check out some cruise lines' daily programs - you'll be amazed at all the activities offered throughout your cruise.

5)  Aren’t all ships pretty similar?

Just like hotels and resorts, cruise line brands and ships differ tremendously in size, service level, amenities, etc. Although Seasite’s numerous tools and resources are designed to make you an educated cruise buyer, our expert cruise advisors are available to help you sort out the differences. 

6)  What types of meeting facilities are available on board ships?
Almost anything you can find in a hotel! Cruise ship meeting facilities range in size from executive board rooms for 8 to show lounges with capacities of over 1500. Pop over to our  Meeting Facilities  page to access more details.

7)  Are there ships appropriate for corporate groups sailing for less than 7 nights?
You bet! In fact, there are more options than ever for 3, 4, and 5-night itineraries anywhere in the world. 

8)  What if we want to charter a ship of our own?
Great idea! Chartering a ship offers fantastic benefits and is a completely customized experience that can't be duplicated. Before you commit to a ship of your own, it’s important that you select the most appropriate ship for your group and understand the financial requirements. Please visit our Knowledge Center Charter a Ship section for more details about chartering.

9)  Is there Internet service on board?
All of today’s ships have wireless capability in Internet Cafes or WiFi spots throughout the ships. Some even have wireless access in the staterooms for personal laptop use. Each individual cruise line can give you more details about Internet service on specific ships.

10)  Is there phone and fax service on ships? Can I use my cell phone?
All ships have phone and fax service, and many ships also have mobile phone service capabilities. Check with the individual cruise line to find out if your selected ships allow cell phone use.

11)  Do our attendees need passports? What about U.S. Passport Cards?

Passports are still required for international air and sea travel and recommended for all cruise passengers. However, new wallet-size U.S. Passport Cards are less expensive and might be acceptable for U.S. citizens cruising in Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean islands. Read more about State Department requirements and how to apply: Passport Matters

12)  Are cruises tax deductible?
Sometimes - please visit our Knowledge Center Tax Deductibility section for guidelines.

13) How are cruise programs rated by the attendees?

In our years of delivering thousands of cruise programs, we’ve NEVER operated one that wasn’t an enormous success. This isn't surprising, given the high repeat factor for cruises in general.


About Seasite

14)  What makes you experts on cruising?
Our founders are considered trailblazers in corporate cruising. We’ve learned a lot over the years, but as the cruise industry continues to grow, we wanted to keep track of  the 100's of ships and myriad details necessary for planning successful cruise events. We’ve downloaded our knowledge base, combined it with technology, and connected you with the cruise industry through Seasite.

15)  Why can’t I see pricing right away?
Cruise lines closely manage their inventory -- each group quote is still a hands-on process. Through Seasite, you can request space and rates for your choice of up to five itineraries, and you will receive prompt replies -- usually in less than two business days.


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